Panel 1: Security and Privacy concerns in deployment of IoT

Continuing advances in technology for communications, sensing, and computing are enabling us to sense, predict and control the physical world around us. As sensors continue to improve while simultaneously shrinking in size, we are seeing an explosion of consumer products that now come with embedded sensors. Coupling these new products with a communications and computing infrastructure gives us a whole new perspective on the “things” around us. The social and economic benefits of this technological trend are great but, unfortunately, so are the potential risks. This panel will discuss security and privacy concerns in IoT deployments. Some broader questions are:
  1. What are different types or classes of IoT deployments? Can they be classified based on security concerns?
  2. How do security and privacy concerns hinder deployment of IoT? Is this a barrier to some potential applications? How can these barriers be overcome?
  3. What is the level of awareness in industry regarding security and privacy concerns? Are we opening up another vulnerability in out IT infrastructure that can be exploited by hackers?
 Our panel consists of experts from industry and academia:
  • Moderator: Raju Pandey, CTO and Founder of Synapsense and Professor at University of California Davis.
  • Jasmeet Chhabra, Lead IoT systems architect in Smart Homes and Buildings at Intel, contributor ro numerous IoT standards.
  • Nancy Cam-WingetDistinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems with a focus on IoT Security, cyber and identity-based security solutions. She was a prime contributor to IEEE 802.11i and IEEE 802.11r and editor for the Protection of Management Plane (IEEE 802.11w).
  • Mani Srivastava, Professor at UCLA, Broad experience in human-cyber-physical systems, security and privacy concerns in mHealth and sustainable buildings.